Episode 13

Interview: Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins

Published on: 19th January, 2021

"Because I'm looking at it that way, because I'm visually analyzing it, things that are broken in the process, stick out to me visually. I'm seeing where the broken part is, and that's kind of hard to describe if you don't think that way. But I know for any graphic designer out there, if you've ever looked at a layout and there's one element, that's two pixels off, it's the same thing for you. It's huge. Other people might not see it at all, but you see it's broken right there"

How do you create the space to be wildly outspoken, yet still progress in business? The self-proclaimed grumpy old bastard of tech, Chris "Jinx' Jenkins, tells us how he does it. His journey from street rat to artist to technologist is fascinating. We discuss what it means to be truly vulnerable, why relationships are critical to professional success, and that leadership doesn't always look like what you expect. Buckle up y'all, this one takes some unexpected turns!

In this episode: Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Chris Delaney, Robyn Sayles

More About Jinx:

Chris Jenkins has more than 12 years of experience working in healthcare technology — including with rural healthcare providers in Florida’s CHCA program. He was an EDI Analyst for WebMD, IVANS, and CareMedic, and was part of the transition team assisting providers onboarding the new EMR requirements in 2003. In addition, he’s an expert on HIPAA compliance, integrations and automation, CMS requirements, and several PMS’s — including Medical Manager, Intergy, Centricity, and Logician.

Connect With Jinx:

Twitter: @immrdubious


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