Episode 8

Sovereign Success with Danielle Laura

"So I knew going into it that I didn't know anything about entrepreneurship, so to speak. I mean, I was running this other medical business and I thought if I'm working this hard, For somebody else's success. There is no fucking way. I'm not going to be successful on my own. That was something that I knew that I didn't have all the answers, but I was willing to find out. So I invested heavily in business mentors and strategists to help me understand what I needed to know to start my business."

Danielle Laura became the CEO of a medical center before she was 30. To say she had the chips stacked against her would be a goddamned understatement. Yet, this is just one of her many stereotype-shattering successes. She shares valuable insights about gaining a seat at the table, striking out on your own, and the importance of self-mastery and energetics. When it comes to life and business, Danielle accepts nothing less than complete sovereign success.

In this episode: Chris Delaney, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Danielle Laura

More about Danielle:

Danielle Laura is a two-time international bestselling and award-winning author, advisor, energy and relationship expert who works with conscious leaders, celebrities, and power couples around the globe. She’s the owner and founder of several businesses that change the way we heal, educate, and learn.

Prior to leaving the corporate world, Danielle’s career was a continual progression of leadership in the medical field through her roles in nursing, counseling, and CEO of a medical center, giving her a keen understanding and awareness of high-performance habits for success.

Danielle’s mission is to guide visionary leaders in embodying their zones of genius, taking a holistic approach to how the conscious, energetic, spiritual, and physical parts of you can work in unison for your highest good, in order to truly thrive and positively affect the rise of humanity.

Danielle holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Bachelors in Health Science.

Connect with Danielle:

IG: @_daniellelaura_

FB: www.facebook.com/daniellelauracoaching



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