Episode 6

Interview: Roger Curlin

Published on: 24th November, 2020
"I view marketing, especially right now, as an octopus. The business is the head of the octopus and the arms are the different marketing tools and techniques that they can use. The absolute first thing the business must do is they must have a strategy; the head of the octopus."

No one knows the impact of a pandemic on small businesses better than the hospitality industry. And no one knows the hospitality industry better than our guest, Roger Curlin. Roger gives us a candid look at the current state of the industry, where the industry is headed, and how restaurants can survive the transition. Listen to find out what Roger’s 5 factors for survival in hospitality are and what the hell an octopus has to do with marketing.

In this episode: Chris Delaney, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Victor Bolivar, Roger Curlin


More about Roger Curlin:

Late in 2016, a couple of local entrepreneurs, Jack Homsey and Roger Curlin launched a member-dining club in Pinellas. Club Savor’s value for diners is simple: join the club and get half off an entrée and half off an alcoholic drink for the member and a guest – all day, every day, all over town. They’ve created a wide array of dozens of restaurants and bars that participate in the program.

With over 1,400 members, the local vibe of what they created is undeniable, as Curlin explains, “Our goal is to create a value ecosystem, where customers are incentivized to spend locally within a vast range of amazing businesses.” They set monthly fees in the club at under $30 so members can recover their payment in one night out. Although it’s exclusive and invite-only for businesses to get involved - restaurants, bars, and businesses are not charged a fee to be promoted. Club Savor also coordinates with dozens of local charities to help raise funds for their causes and participates frequently at local think-tank sessions and with civic outreach.

Connect with Roger:


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